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6 Things I wish I knew before blogging

Here are the five things I wish I knew before I started blogging. I started blogging out of a whim as I wanted something to do in my spare time. After 5 months latter I wish I knew about these before blogging.

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Here are the six things I wish I knew before starting a blog

  1. Domain name

How I wish I knew this before I started blogging. I had to change my domain name after 2-3 months into blogging. It is a bit of a process a bit like trying to move home. Here is how I do it Changing domain name or

One very important issue is to use hosted vs. self hosted. In which is vs. or other blogging software like blogger. I didn’t know there was any difference as it was so easy and free to sign up with . It was till I realise I couldn’t do a few things then I found out the difference. Read more here Blogging – hosted and self-hosted

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3. Social media

The power of social media. After writing a few blog posts I soon realise that nobody was reading them ?!! I thought one would just need to do a google search and there is my post. How wrong I was!! Do sign up for social media platforms and groups. That is where you get your posts notice by others. Depends on your niche some are more favourable to one than others. Instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest are all free to create.

4. Pinterest and tailwind

I wish I knew a lot more about it from the beginning. I didn’t knew much about it from vertical pins to repins. Now I know a bit more, this where I get most of my organic traffic from. Not from google search. I use Tailwind to schedule pins when I am asleep and my pinterest monthly views has gone up tremendously. Here is a link to Tailwind and it’s free to sign up for the first 100 pins. There is no time limit on the first 100 pins. From 0k to 190k. 190k at current standing. Here is a post on how I increase my monthly Pinterest views click here. Create lots of your own pin and pin other pins relevant to your niche. Here is how to and hide them in your blog click here.

self hosted vs hosted

5. Google search console and analytics

By signing to this one can find out how much traffic you got to your blog. Which post is performing well. This is one I wish I knew more especially google analytics where you can track your bounce rate. Bounce rate is the rate on how long your visitors on your blog. From analytics one can also track on who are your audience, where do they come from and how your traffic is gain. It took me a few months to learn how to do keyword search using google ads. It is a very useful to learn as you might wonder why some posts are performing so much better than some. All part of learning to be a blogger.

I had to learn things from scratch. From no having social media account. The only course I have sign up is an affiliate course in which I will talk one day.

6. Email list or subscribers

That is something I have started to do recently. Something I need to work on as well. Content upgrade, etc. Email list are yours forever. If pinterest decides to shut me down for whatever reason I still have my email list. I use mailerlite for this as it’s free. Here is the link to it mailerlite. I am still in the process of building up my email list. Trying to gain organic subscribers.

This post in written in my own opinion and experience. I hope it will help to give you tips to gain more traffic to your website.

Good luck and all the best. Let me know how you get on.

6 things before starting a blog
6 things to know before blogging

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