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How to use Tailwind to help to get more blog traffic

This blog is on how to use Tailwind focusing on it’s dashboard. When one first starting using Tailwind’s free 100 unlimited time span one can feel very lost. There are steps that Tailwind app walks on thru it. Like many new bloggers I have sign up for initially on their free service as I read somewhere how much it can help to bring blog traffic on Pinterest. I have since then sign up for Tailwind here is my blog Increasing monthly Pinterest views on how it has help to increase my monthly views. Below is what Tailwind typical average traffic.

What is Tailwind?

For anyone wondering what is Tailwind is. it is an automatic scheduler that schedules pins or images on Pinterest at the time it is set on. It is the only approve automatic scheduler that is approved by Pinterest.

After awhile one tends to forget especially when you get into a daily blog routine. There are probably about 5 pins a day that one can schedule on there. So one tends to forget after awhile what other wonderful applications on the dashboard.

Here is the what it looks like

screen shot Tailwind publisher

Using Tailwind publisher in which you manually add to your top right bookmark corner on your computer. It just helps to schedule pins and images from any website. Yes any website even when there is no social share buttons. Here is an example vogue.co.uk website with no social sharing buttons at all. Press the Tailwind button bingo!! 

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used 

That’s the beauty of Tailwind which I love. Here is my link to their website.

One can also use it to manually reschedule existing pins from Pinterest.


I remember one time I had to swap computers or even just using different applications eg Firefox and Chrome I was so lost without it.


What is in the dashboard that you see once you log in onto the app? Here is how it looks like.

This dashboard is only available on desktop version and not on the mobile version.

There is a few things that you will be using. ‘Board list’ is much better to set in beginning. It’s under the publisher arrow button. Once it’s set, one doesn’t to go back all the time. Board list helps with effective scheduling to different boards in one go. To be honest I didn’t use much till I started being very active on Pinterest. Also if you are starting from scratch on Pinterest it takes time to build up boards to begin with.  Plus to build boards as one needs to find great reliable content. It is in one of Pinterest latest algorithms. They value great quality content.

At Board list just fill up the board list with the relevant niche related to one list. I have a few as I blog on a few different niche like Recipes, Gardening, Dressmaking and Blogging. 

So when you are back to draft you can schedule one pin to different boards at the same time.

Press the interval button, this is to spread the schedule times apart. Just choose how much you would like.  From 10 minutes to 90 days.

Mobile app dashboard

There is also the mobile app for available for Tailwind. The mobile version dashboard is very much simplified version of the desktop. The beauty of if it is that it allows one to schedule images on the go. I use it all the time when I away from my laptop. In order to schedule pins onto smartloop and Tribes one needs to use the desktop version.

Once signup with Tailwind you will get access to scheduling to Pinterest and Instagram. 


There is also the Tribes which is a bit like Group boards on Pinterest where you join except it doesn’t require one to look and send tons of emails, messages and follow the owner.  Tribes come in for free on Tailwind unlimited time 100 pins free trial.  I had a few repins from there which help to increase my blog traffic. The amount of repins depends on how many tribe members that are in the board. However, you are only allow maximum of 5 tribes and 30 pins each month. This is the same even if you are on the one year paid plus plan. It is enough for me at the moment as one needs to have enough of content to repins. Most Tribes and Tailwind don’t like repin to the same blog post so you might have notice there is a yellow or red warning when you do so. 


There is now the new Smartloop on Tailwind as well where one schedules  repins the most popular pins onto your blog on a rotational basis. There is an automatic timing set there. This so that more pins are being publish to your followers. What happens is that the pins are pin as fresh pins rather repins. It is set to every 5-6 weeks. There are many ways how people use it. You can use a Smartloop post for each blog post or use it as category post. It is normally the most popular pins that is schedule on Smartloop. The is a maximum of 250 pins you can set on Smartloop so not all pins can be repins. However, if one wants more there is a upgrade available.

There are options that one can set on how often you want the pins to schedule and also if the category are for seasonal or all year round scheduling.

Don’t forget that Tailwind can only do so much to boost traffic to Pinterest. Making great vertical pins using Canva is just as important. Here is my blog post on how to make vertical pins. As Pinterest is a very much image and SEO based platform. Which means making great looking pins with text on it. They have their own SEO so if you don’t get traffic from google you can traffic from Pinterest. It just takes awhile to master on how to use it.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used 

If you like Tailwind and would to give it a try here is my link for it makergardener/tailwind

Do let me know how you get on. If you have time leave a comment.

how to use Tailwind dashboard

using tailwinf to get more traffic

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