Creating vertical Pinterest pins

For Pinterest pins to work they are best to be vertical pins as they stand out. This blog is about creating vertical size Pinterest pins.

735px X 1102px says Canva. or 1000px by 1500px says Pinterest. Basically a 2:3 aspect ratio.

I use Canva as it’s easy and pretty straightforward to use. In order to use Canva you to sign up to set up an account. Either by using an email, google mail or Facebook account. There are options to use Canva either on the desktop or mobile app. Below is the screen snapshot of the Pinterest designs I have created on Canva.

But there are limited preset vertical Pinterest pins designs. For example, if you want to change the colour of fonts or background colours. Once you are happy with the colours then you can the texts that is preset. Then just save it to be posted directly to Pinterest or onto your blog. Once it’s posted don’t forget to link up to your blog and write a description about it.

If you post this vertical Pinterest pin onto a blog it does take up a bit of room on the blog. As a result, it can take a while for your blog to load as well. Something to consider.

However one couldn’t embed if one is blogging on However, by having a blog hosted by,  the share Pinterest buttons are all present on your blog and pictures. In this means that any images of sizes can be saved on Pinterest.

For those on self-hosted blogs on WordPress, one can embed the vertical pins onto the blog. This is good for popular pins. I will do a detailed write up on how to embed a pin onto a blog.


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