How to increase monthly views on Pinterest

This is a blog post on how I got from 0k to 180k monthly views on Pinterest with the help of using Tailwind. I have started blogging not long ago only about 5 months ago. Along the way, I have learned about few things. One of it is traffic to my blog. I have tried different methods to gain more traffic so far Pinterest is the one is drives the most traffic to my blog?!!

self hosted vs hosted

To be honest my website is currently rank quite low on the google search console that it is not even worth mentioning?! I get some traffic from other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. This is quite common is new blogs. I got a few search engines errors so that doesn’t help. I have only just learned how to use SEO properly using google keyword search.

My experience with Pinterest

However, with Pinterest, my traffic just went up recently on a good day 100 views a day. There are many factors in how it happens I have signed up for an annual subscription with Tailwind. It helps to rock up to my monthly views and drive more traffic to my blog by pinning when I am asleep. I have got better at using Pinterest.

Like most new bloggers I have read around about Pinterest many bloggers would recommend Tailwind. This is an affiliate link which means I make a small commission should you make a sale on the link. It’s funny how the ball rolls from one blogger to another. When I started blogging about 6 months ago I had no idea about Tailwind and Pinterest. All I had was my facebook personal page. I didn’t even sign up for Instagram or Twitter. Now I spend almost every day on it. Love it so much that I sign to be their affiliate?!! Don’t let the dashboard and sign-ups put you off. Like writing and creating beautiful images it becomes a routine once you get the hang of it.

Tailwind free unlimited time trial

I have started using the free 100 pins schedule list which lasts forever till the day you use it all up. One also gets tribes along when you sign up for Tailwind. Mine ended sometime around September. On this 100 trial, one can’t set how many pins you can schedule but hey it’s free. While using this free trial my monthly views rocketed to around 16k. Then I wasn’t repining my own stuff from my blog as well so very little traffic to my blog from Pinterest. You might read that you shouldn’t pin all of your own pins and pins others as you don’t want to catch as spamming by Pinterest. By creating lots of different types and rotate my links on my blogs. Posting new blog posts about 3-4 times/week. Pinterest likes new and fresh content all the time.

Snapseed and Canva

What change my Pinterest strategy is that one day I just sat down and told myself right I am going to get serious about gaining traffic from Pinterest. At that time while I was using the free trial I didn’t know much about making vertical pins using or using Snapseed as photo manipulation. Do have a look at them when you can as they are free. Here is the link on how to make vertical pins Creating vertical Pinterest pins Pinterest is based on wonderful and beautiful eye-catching images and text. Therefore creating these images is important.

Along the way of two-three months into blogging and using Tailwind. I have learned about using Canva and Snapseed. Traffic was coming slowly from Pinterest. I didn’t know much about SEO on Pinterest somehow I notice people were noticing my Growing & Harvesting Pak choi pin. Now I found out that ‘pak choi’ in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a less competitive keyword. So do look into keyword optimization. Stick to your passion but look into keywords. Make a few tweaks if you can but don’t over-optimize (ie. intentionally putting lots of keywords on your blog post) as Pinterest is not fan of it. This goes the same for Google. It is better to write a long post (minimum 300 words) and let the search engines do the rest. Let the search engines understand what the post is all about.

Tailwind Tribes

Another tip that would increase one’s blog traffic is that by using Tailwind Tribes. It’s a bit like group boards with the same niche on them. It’s a great place to get more repins. The tip is to look for Tribes that require high repins like ratio 1:2 meaning if you put one pin to Tribe you have repin 2 pins. The chances of pinning a quality pin are quite high there as only high-quality pins are allowed. And yes one can use tribes on Tailwind free tariff.

Signing up for Tailwind

It was around then my free Tailwind trial was coming to an end. Like many, I want to spend the minimum on blogging. i actually didn’t sign up for Tailwind and started just doing manual pinning. My monthly views just more or less stay the same. It was hard work as well. I had extra money overtime from work and decided to treat myself and sign for a year subscription on Tailwind.

I have also been making fresh pins almost every day 4-7 new pins from my blog, pinning from others, and scheduling. Does tailwind recommend scheduling my pins when I am asleep between 12 am to 4 am?!! Most of my traffic comes from the US so it just makes to pin at that time. Without Tailwind pinning at 12 am?!! that would never happen. This is an affiliate link which means I make a small commission if you click on the link.

After one day I notice my monthly views just went up from 60k to 100k. Now it’s 180k. Update as I said the algorithm on pinterest changes daily and it’s now down to 150k today (3/1/2019). This monthly views changes everyday and it can drop and go up anytime. At the moment today (9/2/2019) it’s at 242k ?!! I have change a few strategies since so will update this post when I get more higher results.

Those are my personal monthly views and below this is the typical results of a user using Pinterest.

Monthly views

Monthly views aren’t that important it just shows how often your pins appear on Pinterest users home feed. However, it goes hand in hand with traffic to your blog. The more monthly views say 1 million the more traffic you will get. This is with repins from your own pins to your blog. Pinterest also like users to be using the platform all the time. Spend some time in the morning and evening repining from your blog and others. You will notice the traffic. To gain traffic from Pinterest takes time and one to be consistent on Pinterest.

Viral pins

Heard of pins going viral? One experience said that once you can get 20 viral pins these strategies can be slow down. It’s quite true as I have known of a top lifestyle blogger last pin was 1 week ago?!! But has got 3 million monthly view and 6k followers on Pinterest. I hope that happens someday to me as I don’t want to miss my son growing up by being on Pinterest and Canva just a bit too much. Trust me once you get the hang of pinning and gain traffic. Pinterest becomes an addiction!!

Tailwind also will track the traffic to your blog so you can add repin them as well as adding them to Smartloop and tribes. Repins are important as it means more of your pins that will be circulating around. Especially the most popular ones. Another tip is to use Smartloop in Tailwind where it repins your existing pins on it. However, one has to choose which pins to go and set the schedule on Smartloop.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.

I will post more on how to use Tailwind one day in more detail as one can talk and go on about it all day.

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