Dwarf purple bean – how to grow

bean flower

I love spring and summer as it is a great growing time for homegrown edibles. Dwarf purple bean are one those beans that are great to grow in small garden and container growing. They don’t take too long to grow as from seed to bean production. Relatively disease free they much easier to grow than … Read more

Alpine strawberries

These alpine strawberries (fragaria vesca) are fruiting at the moment. They are a lot smaller than the usual ones you see in the supermarket but they are pack with flavour. These ones are white one which I started them off from seeds last year. Growing them indoors in the winter to protect them from frost. … Read more

Tomato harvest today (growing tomato)

Tomato harvest today Just been to the garden for a tomato harvest today. They are slowly beginning to ripen after being sown from seed from April. I have been given them broken horse manure and a weekly tomato feed. They have been grown in the sunniest spot in the garden. A south east facing spot. … Read more

Calamondin orange

Having spend most of early life in the tropic I love growing tropical plants in my garden. Also almost anything that is edible flowers, veg and plants as well. Recently I acquired some calamondin orange plant as mine at home did not flower or fruit last year. Now it’s slowly flowering and fruiting after some… Continue reading Calamondin orange