Courgette salad

Here is a recipe on courgette salad making my son eat courgette as he hates them. Probably because we had so many coming from the garden!! Here is the link on how grow them Growing Courgette One can always use whatever type of fruits you have at home. Peaches, kiwi fruit as it adds a natural sugar content.


One courgette
a quarter of a small Watermelon (about 10 cubes of cut 2cm squares)
a quarter of a small pineapple (about 10 cubes of cut 2 cm squares)
A handful of Cherry tomatoes
Just mixed them up together. It’s colourful and he thinks he is eating a fruit salad!! Lol!!

align=”alignleft” width=”735″ data-pin-media=”” data-pin-url=”” data-pin-id=”83949980539940429″ alt=”courgette salad recipe” height=”1102″ data-pin-description=”How to make courgette salad. Combining it with freshly cut fruits it creates a healthy and tasty salad”]courgette salad recipe

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