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Creativebug online course review

This is a blog post on Creativebug online course review. I sign up for Creativebug online classes after being invited to join their program on Shareasale. Shareasale is an affiliate program in which I joined last year. I sign up as I am like to make things at home and I love courses they have that Bluprint doesn’t offer.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate banners below, but these are all products I highly recommend. It is means that I will earn a small commission at NO COST should you decide to click thru and make a purchase or sign up. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used. For further information here is the link to disclosure policy.  

After signing up I didn’t think too much of it till lately. I have decided to pursue my passion for textile designing further. This by developing more drawings and skills. I was actually about to suspend/ end my subscription till something caught my eye. They were like ‘How to Design fabrics’, ‘How to screen print’ How to Natural dye’. It excites me again to spend more time on their online courses.

Creativebug online course

I wrote a review on bluprint last year and went into great depth on how much time one needs to spend to do these online courses. The cost is definitely much cheaper as compared to doing courses at City lit or any short course at the University of Arts London an example. For me it is not about the cost, it is also being able to do the course in my own time. I am a busy mom I don’t have much time to travel to classes and sit in class for 3 hours or all day.

Creativebug online course review

The Creativebug online course in which I did was ‘How to Design Fabrics’ was great. I love it, as a result, I have gain lots of insight into the textile industry as well as how to design fabrics. It is quite basic but at the same time quite in-depth as well. There were 3 textile print designers teaching or rather telling how they design fabrics. I have in the past not done the course but thought myself by textile printing design/ digital textile books.

It’s now 2020 I also find the Adobe Creative Cloud on used on the course it’s a bit outdated. It is not as outdated as the textbooks thankfully. Perhaps it’s time for them to update the course. One the designers were using Wacom (nothing wrong with it really) to draw on the tablet. Now one can use the iPad using Apple pen. I know it’s new but technology does move quite fast nowadays.

Creativebug online courses

This short course I took will not replace a degree course definitely not but if you are a hobbyist like me wanting to gain more skills this is the one for you.

Thank you for dropping by. This blog post is written in my personal opinion and I don’t get any financial gain from any party.

Creativebug online course
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