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Review of new craftsy (bluprint)

I love making things at home. it’s one of hobbies in my past time. I love to sew, knit and crochet. This blog post is on my review of new craftsy which is now called bluprint. I must admit being based in the UK I have not quite heard much of crafsy/ bluprint till I started looking into depths of online based classes.

This blog post contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission at no cost to you should you click thru and decide to sign up (paid of course). Here is the link to privacy & disclosure policy. There is also free patterns that you need to sign up but don’t have to pay for it.

In the UK we have something similar but in a much smaller scale called Minerva crafts. There are also lots of other independent classes that are not online classes available as short courses. This is in the city of London of course there are also plenty around. But it all needs commitment of going to class which can be a challenge.

review of new craftsy

Shopping besides online classes

Yes of course it is possible to shop on bluprint as they do delivery internationally. It will take 5 weeks. Personally, I would source as much as I can locally as it just saves carbon footprint.

To be honest, one can’t market any product if one hasn’t tried the product right? How true…. so I decided to give bluprint classes online ago. Mainly because most of my blog traffic comes from the US believe it or not.

I am pretty much a frugal person, I always love to find bargains whenever I can. I must admit sometimes it doesn’t add to my advantage but that’s the way how I operate. I have got weakness for lovely and nice things as it’s my passion like great quality fabrics. Have a look at my early blog posts on dressmaking.

sewing kit photo

I love to make things I decided to try out Bluprint services boy there is just some much to look at!! Wow, a makers and crafters heaven I must say. I could spend all day on Bluprint’s website. A bit like going to a craft show This is a link to a blog post on a craft show (Knitting & stitching show) in London back last year.

Reviews of new Bluprint classes online

As they have moved from Craftsy to Bluprint I had a look at their reviews. Eww!!! One of the main customers’ complaints is that some have lost access to their tutorials and now they have to stop question and answer directly to the teacher/ tutor. That’s the main downside of it in the reviews. It also changes from a small-run Craftsy to a big organization like Bluprint. Nobody likes changes I don’t as well. It will take time to iron out the change over problems. However, on the Bluprint site, the individual bought classes one can get ‘answers to student questions. In which you will own these classes forever. It’s on a higher tariff compare to the monthly 1500 classes you get. This means it’s an extra payment for these tutor answer directly classes. One doesn’t have to sign up for the monthly/ annual classes to buy this individual course. But it will cost more. Some of these paid classes also come with free material. If you are in the US its free delivery is on an annual tariff.  There is a full refund if you decide that the course is not for you.

Compare to face to face courses

Personally it is a bargain compare to what you get on short courses in top colleges here in London.I did a basic pattern course now it cost around a whooping £610!! for one week 30 hour course!! Personally I have attended one many years ago. Yes I did learn would I pay go again no. Also one never what the skill level of attendees, many didn’t have much idea of pattern cutting. This can hold the class back. Of course you will have an expert working in the industry in hand to answer your needs but you pay for the venue, cost of running the place. Whereas online courses are much cheaper as they cut the cost of running a venue.

sewing foot picture

Gosh, access to ask tutors what a treat!! I just learn things the hard way ….searching and searching on the web, trial, and error. Most of my craft is mostly self-taught and by my mum and cousin from a very age. Over the years I also did short courses and apprenticeship in tailoring.

Occasionally they do have a 7-day free trial a good idea before committing yourself. However, they don’t come often. So do sign up for your email updates for the latest offers.

Online videos

Youtube is another great place to learn things like how to knit certain stitches. However, on Youtube, one can’t really tell if it’s good or not. I suppose it’s the same as Bluprint as well. However, their videos (paid monthly/ yearly subscription) are produced in very professional quality in comparison to youtube videos. Clear and concise. However, there are so many sewing machines in the market nowadays which means each brand or even model has its own way of making say for example a buttonhole. What I am saying is that their limitations on Bluprint classes as well. However, there is a huge range of classes 1500+ I believe it’s quite a good deal.

There is also refer a friend where if you refer a friend for the paid subscription you get a free month.

This is all written in my own personal opinion and experience. It may differ from other individual experiences. If you have to use the old Craftsy and now use Bluprint do let me know. Also if there is any good online course around it is good to talk and share. As they say, sharing is caring…

online craft course review
review of bluprint


review of bluprint

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