Sewing pyjama bottom using an existing pyjama.

This a blog post on sewing pyjama bottom using an existing pyjama. I sew my 5-year-old son’s pyjama bottoms using an existing pattern. It is really easy. This pattern works with loose-fitting elasticated bottoms. It would not work for tight-fitting jeans or trousers. This is because they require more precision pattern blocks. Sewing them also takes more time zip openings, waistband and pockets take time.

It is worth it to sew waistband, pockets and zip for a garment that lasts probably about 2 years. Not quite so. For special occasions of course not so much for sleepwear or everyday wear. My son loves pockets so my only critique on this is the lack of pockets but it is no hassle but just a bit more time to sew side pockets. Here is a link on how to sew side pockets.

Sewing pyjama bottom

Sewing pyjama bottom using an existing pyjama

Like many mums I know I buy my son’s clothing during the end of the season sale period. Also always buy the next size up. As children grow so quick as well. By sewing, you own there is definitely to sew a bigger size up like lengthwise.

I got a pyjama bottom lying around that I bought from GAP awhile back. All I did was to trace around the existing pyjama bottom and there I have a pattern. For a bit more precision for the front is cut less than the back. As more fabric is needed to give for the back.

sewing pyjama bottom

Always make to give seam allowances all around the pattern. As much as you can afford about 2-3 cm. A bit more for bottom seams. Lay the existing pyjama bottom on top on selvedge pin and then cut around.

And start sewing. I didn’t bother much with tracing as I knew exactly how many seams I had cut. Then finish off by overlocking the seams. Sew the elasticated waistband in place and bottom seam in place and you are done.

Thank you very much for dropping by. Do let me know how you get on. Here is an old blog post on how to sewing pyjamas bottom but this one uses a pattern.

sewing pajama bottom
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