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Premiere Vision Paris beginners guide

This a blog post on Premiere Vision Paris beginners guide. It is based purely on my own honest experience with this textile trade show. For many of you who don’t know what is Premiere Vision here is the link to their website. It is an industrial trade show for fashion and textile professionals. Why did I go there? as I love textiles and I want to explore more of the professional and trade industry side of it. Did I enjoy it yes as I love textiles/ fabrics. However, if you like just only as a hobby or just sewing it is not for you as it is not a craft show. For craft shows look into Knitting and stitching show. Here is a post of mine about it.

premiere vision paris

Premiere Vision Paris guide

The exhibition Premiere Vision is on twice a year in Paris and also in New York. It is the closest and easiest to get to from London. I got to know about this trade show after visiting BA textile design shows. It is not necessary to be working or have a professional qualification to gain entry into it. all you need is to be registered as a company. You will need to register to buy a ticket to gain entry. A 3-day ticket cost 40 euros. However, there is extra costs for sessions like the fashion trend of the season spring/ summer 2020/2021. Each of them cost 45 euros.

premiere vision
talks at Premiere vision

Getting around

It is a huge place so do wear comfortable shoes as it revolves around a lot of walking. It is a sourcing place for the people working in the industry not just only designers you will meet, companies that produce the fabric of all different kinds. Manufacturing, design studios, accessories from belts to shoes. After this show, they also have an online marketplace where you can place orders for samples. It is a great place to know what is up for the next year’s trend so that you can start designing your own collection. Even to meet other designers in the industry. There is also a free session by the industry experts from suppliers to designers about what is current. Currently the topics are sustainable, traceable and environmental friendly.

Of course, not everywhere is open for everyone. I discover that one needs an invite from an exhibitor to gain entry into the Maison d’Exception. I have been told it is the industry best-kept secret of artisanal work which can only be shown to invites only. Elsewhere in the fair it is not a problem getting into some companies will let you know their minimum sales like 1 meter or 5 meters and it will cost xx/meter. As the place is big for textiles it is divided into what each company makes like silks or lace.

Visting Premiere Vision

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