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My visit to Knitting and Stitching show

I visited knitting and stitching show today at Alexandra Palace, London. It’s my first time going to this show. The show is held twice a year in London. I have been dressmaking and making crafts for a long time and still not been one before ?!! How I ended up dressmaking  Mono print on fabric

The show was I must say it was brilliant and good. I was there on Friday and got there before it started opening the place was pack with people already!!

knitting and stitching show knitting and stitching show entrance

The knitting and stitching show case a big variety of products(from sewing & embroidery machines, patterns (knitting & dressmaking), books, haberdashery, quilting, short courses and textile exhibition work. Learning curve workshops have got lots of different types of workshops for different crafts like pattern cutting, quilting. Lots to offers for visitors.

Shopping there at the Knitting and stitching show

I am doing a few projects at the moment so I had a few specific things I was looking for. They were many small business exhibition there. Therefore it is always good to support the local business as money is going directly to them. I bought some wool fibres for hand spinning on a spindle, wool from directly from producers (from the farm), some British made tweed. As I am currently base in the UK I always like to support local (UK based), small businesses and designers as much as I can.

The artist in action corner is where one can see were doing their work. When I was there there was 3 artist working at the same time. It’s a great area to get more inspiration and learn new craft. From their stands one can buy their products. I bought a pack to do foil transfers. Foil transfers is something that I always wanted to try to do. There is an art suppliers just by their stand if one wants to buy supplies used in the artists demonstrations.

So my tip is to get there early and bring as much cash as you can as although they have cash machines there. The cash machines there charge £2 per withdrawal. Some retailers do take manual credit card payments but a majority don’t accept as the machines don’t work very well. There are plenty pf places to stop to eat and drink. Also there are places to just sit and have your own packed lunch as well.

Buying tickets

One can purchase tickets at the official website Official knitting and stitching show website . There are early bird discounts if sign for their newletters.  Shows are held in Harrogate and Dublin as well. There are other various website and craft influencers offering free tickets on various social media platforms. However, I have never had them before so I can’t recommend any of them. At the official website one can also view the list of exhibitors that are going to exhibit at the coming show.

visitng knitting and stitch show

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