fabric shops in Paris

Fabric and haberdashery shops in Paris

Here is a blog post on fabric and haberdashery shops in Paris. This is written in my own personal experience and opinions. Paris who would have thought it is a great place to shop for fabrics but it is. They show the twice a year textile trade show Premiere Vision. In Paris, one can get around with English, unlike the countryside. Have no fear about the language barrier. Most sales assistants in shops do speak English.

It is possible to just go to Paris as a day trip from London using the Eurostar. It just saves having to look and spend money on accommodation. As in all big capital, decent hotels don’t come cheap. I would recommend going on the Eurostar as one can carry as much as they like. It is very easy when it comes to shopping for fabrics. The fabric designs I must say it is a very french style think of Coco Chanel boucle style fabrics, french laces, and prints. Very chic and Parisian style some of the shops I have been to. Anyway here is the list.

Fabric and haberdashery shops in Paris

fabric shops in Paris

Malhia Kent Tissus

It is a shop that I have seen in other blog posts that claim they sell to Chanel houses. They even had a weaver’s loom on the display. They sell end of lines at 10 euros a meter. The width of the fabric varies. For a more decent style and pattern, they cost around 30 euros a meter. It is boucle fabrics dry cleaning will be required. It is not all pink fabrics although they use pink threads in their work.

fabric and haberdashery shops in Paris

Atelier Brunette

It is a lovely fabric, independent pattern, sewing magazine and haberdashery shop. All laid out in a Parisian chic style. I mean it is even down to its shopping bags. Not cheap though but well laid out. Like walking into a sewing boutique. Who would have thought that home sewing could be so glamorous!!

 haberdashery in Paris

Mercerie de Charonne

Mercerie simply means haberdashery in French. This place is for the lower mid-range market. They sell all sorts that one needs for sewing and crafts. It was packed when I was in there on a mid-week afternoon.

Brin de cousette

Brin de Cousette

Further along the main long road of Rue de Charonne there is another haberdashery and fabric shop called Brin de Cousette. It is more upmarket less people but well laid out shop. They sell all sorts from knitting yarns to fabrics.

These above are all within walking distance or two bus stops away. They in the 11th arr. To navigate to these place I download the shop’s exact locations before I set off on my phone. Nowadays on maps iPhone you have the buses to take and exact directions.

Fabric and haberdashery shops in Paris

fabric shops in Paris

Marche Saint-Pierre

It is the name of a very big fabric shop] in the area of Sacre-Coeur 18th arr. of Paris. Not a great area but here you find some of the cheap bargain price fabrics. Having said that there some great quality fabric there as well. Liberty fabrics for half the price. There is not only one but a street full of fabric shops. It is located very near Gare du Nord station only one stop on the underground away. A place to spend some time before catching the Eurostar back to London.

Thank you for dropping by here is a blog post on where to shop for fabrics online.

Fabric and haberdashery shops in Paris

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