freeze green leafy vegetables

How to freeze green leafy vegetables

This is a blog post on how to freeze green leafy vegetables. In the current pandemic, many of us would just normally go out to do a big shop trip that would last as long as possible. Also, another to reason to this is when there is a big vegetable supply during the harvest. When to freeze the vegetables is to do it as soon as you can. By doing as soon as the freshness and nutrients of vegetable will be preserve. The types of leafy vegetables that can be used in this method like choy sum, Pak Choy, and Ung Choi (water spinach). Basically, it will work with leafy greens that have got a holding stem on it like chard. It will not work with little gem lettuce or salad leaves as there are just too many soft stems and leaves in it that will go mush once frozen. Of course, you will need some freeze space in order for this as well. Any type of freezer will do as long it is in good working condition. By, freezing vegetables it can stretch the live span of the green to up to 8 months for commercial freezed vegetable. It is much longer than just 2 weeks if it kept in the fridge. All the great reasons to start freezing leafy greens.

For the methods you will need freeze space, freezer bag with zip lock and a straw.

freeze green leafy vegetables
Vacuum packed leafy vegetables

How to freeze green leafy vegetables

This one method I found it makes sense and useful to freeze green leafy vegetables. This method is by just cleaning the vegetable with a damp cloth before putting in a vacuum bag. Then suck out all the air using a straw you are good to go. While I find this method is great. But the article also said only to do this with only pesticide-free or organically grown leafy vegetables ?!!. That can’t happen as I Ung Choy I just bought was from the shop and it definitely not organically grown.

freeze green leafy vegetables
drying out ung choi on towel and kitchen paper

So I found the solution which would do the same. Wash the vegetable thoroughly under running water. Then dry it in a damp tea towel. and place some kitchen paper towel. Dry it out as much as you can. I followed the cut into cook size pieces. Then out the dry out vegtables into the vacuum zip lock bag insert the straw. Close the zip lock tightly then suck out all the air, remove the straw and quickly seal it. I ended up with a vacuumed sealed bag ready to go in the freezer. Label it with the date and it goes into the freezer.

freeze leafy green vegetables
drinking straw in vacuum bag

Thank you for dropping by and reading. Have a look at my grow your own food posts like growing and harvesting Pak Choi.

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