Angled collar

How to sew angle collar at home

This is a blog post on how to sew an angle collar at home. Sewing this angled collar it would be the same as sewing other types of collar patterns like a round collar that don’t require a collar band. Collar bands are more commonly seen in shirts rather than womenswear. Collar bands also require an extra step to sew them into the collar. Here is more detail on how to sew the collar band.

In this post I am using a free to download dress pattern by Mary Quant. This free pattern is from a Mary Quant exhibition held in Victoria and Albert museum. Here is a link to the free pattern. This pattern does consist of a round collar pattern as well. I am using the angled collar pattern instead.

Angled collar
Angled collar sewn

How to sew angle collar

Cut and trace the pattern put accurately as describe on the instructions. As if there is any difference in measurements between the collar and dress neckline it would affect how the collar will come together. Interface one of the collar pieces then sew them together. Like any angled pieces cut/ mitre the corners do as to create a nice sharp corner. Give it a good press with an iron and then turn it inside out.

Then attach the collar to the main dress pieces. Before that sew the shoulder seam together and finish the raw seam edges using a zigzag or overlocker. Also before that prepare the neckline opening. Sew and pin the facing in place. Pin the collar piece that has been interfaced as it provides some structure to the neckline. Sew in place. Turn it over and press in place using an iron. Ease into shape.

collar interface piece sewn to neckline

Turn in the bottom piece of the collar and stitch in place either with a machine stitch or hand stitch. Topstitch the edges if necessary. Finish the rest of the neckline closure.

how to sew angle collar
other collar piece pinned to neckline to final part of attaching collar to dress

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