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Maker of clothes, recipes, natural fabric dyeing, Gardener of veg, fruit and flowers.

Mrs stylebook sewing magazine Review

Here is a blog post on Mrs stylebook sewing magazine review. Mrs stylebook is a Japanese womenswear sewing magazine. It’s published if I am not mistaken twice a year. It is not sold in the UK but you can buy it on eBay or Etsy easily. I am not sure how much in the actual price of the magazine. It cost me £20 including postage.

mrs stylebook 2019

Mrs stylebook sewing magazine review

Unlike like many of other sewing magazines out there that available in here, it’s formatted a much different way. It’s all written in Japanese and for most patterns, you draft the patterns yourself. yup yourself. It is common practice in Japanese sewing magazines. When I started sewing about 20 years ago there use to Lady Boutique but it’s out of publication anymore. In that, it’s all draft your own pattern. Of course, you get instructions to go with it. As it’s in Japanese not unless you can read the language drafting patterns can be a struggle. The plus side is that you get a decent fitted pattern as you are using your own measurements.

mrs stylebook layout

Mr stylebook has got 16 ready drafted patterns that you have to trace out. The styles in the magazine are aim to an older women market. So no young skinny models you will find there. It’s quite a classic styles you would find rather than the latest high street styles. Also as it’s sold on eBay you don’t get tend to get the latest issue sold but rather than back issues. Which means that you may only find the latest summer issues at the end of summer rather than the start. For home sewers like me, this timing can affect whether you will get on and start sewing or it will be left on a shelf for later.

mrs stylebook patterns

In a nutshell it is a great sewing magazine as it has got lots of patterns. However, you need to interpret the measurements yourself. Thank you fro dropping by. Do have look at my other sewing magazines review like fibre mood and la mia boutique.

Mrs Stylebook review

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