Atelier Brunette shopping trip

Atelier brunette Paris review

This is a blog post on the Atelier brunette Paris review. Atelier Brunette is a, in my opinion, a mid-range market sewing and haberdashery shop. In the recent years, haberdashery shops have revolved from dinghy packed DIY-like shops to more mid-range market shops. This is also in the UK a wave of independent suppliers that sells a trend that makes home sewing a very upmarket hobby to have. Some suppliers not only offers pattern but cater sewing retreat holidays that are almost like going for a spa holiday somewhere exotic. Go to any craft shows in the UK you will see their stands around displays their products.

Atelier brunette in Paris

Atelier brunette Paris review

I found this place in my recent trip to Paris for a textile trade fair show. Atelier brunette Paris is located in the heart of Paris some around 11th Arr. district. The shop is very easy to get to. at a glace you would have thought from outside it looks like a posh fashion boutique. Go inside it is even better everything is laid out nicely in a similar color scheme. It makes the customer wants to spend more time there. They don’t do make their own pattern but rather design their own fabrics and trimmings. Also, they sell buttons, thread, and all things haberdashery. The fabrics are made in India. Eco-friendly fabrics as well.

Atelier Brunette shopping trip

The fabric color schemes do appeal to the general sewer. However, they don’t come cheap. I got some discounted fabrics and they cost around 20 euros/ meter for viscose fabric. Quality-wise while definitely not top end designer but more of the mid-range market. Have a look at their website. They also have an e-shop on their website ad they do deliveries within Europe for 10 euros.

Atelier Brunette shopping bag

They also sell pattern magazines like Fibre mood and La Maison Victor. Also plus other independent patterns. I purchased two french inde patterns and two fabrics. They all were nicely packed up in a lovely and matching shopping bag plus dust cover bag.

Thank you for dropping by. If you have time do have a look at my other posts like Fibre Mood and La Maison Victor sewing magazines.

Atelier Brunette

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