Fibre mood sewing magazine review

I recently bought myself a fibre mood magazine after going thru a craze of trying out different sewing magazines that I can get my hands on. Here is a link on where you can find a stocklist of places where they sell them in the UK. It is also possible to buy it online here in the UK and they do post it abroad. I have used them before to post the UK and they give good reliable fast service. There are a few other websites that sell them as well. Just google fibre mood magazine UK/ English. This magazine is also published in the Dutch language.

Fibre mood in comparison with another sewing magazine

Fibre mood is a dutch based company and the magazine are published in English so great news not a problem with figuring sizes and the patterns. However, they do cost slightly more than double the price of burda style. However, the patterns which you need to trace out are much more spread apart compare to some sewing magazines. There is also huge sizes on all styles but fewer patterns.

The layout of the magazine has very Scandinavian clean cut simple appeal. As a result it makes or captures the reader eye to want to go and make the pattern themselves. They also promote a social media presence in which is a great for bloggers or anyone that is on instagram. Their website also has further details on cutting out the pattern. Besides social media presence they offer newletters once sign up. This helps to provide support and networking for sewers. They are offering their online pattern download for one euro once sign up for their newsletter. Also they have links on where to buy fabrics. Lots to look at here is a link to fibre mood website.

I sew the Rosalie dress in the no 5 issue 2019 under 4 hours. It’s an easy pattern to sew no zips, pockets or lining involve happy days. The only few technical sewing things I had to use is sewing invisible hem, folded hemming on the sleeve and bias strip on finishing the neckline.

The styles cater for men and children as well. Most of designs are everyday casual wearables. So good for sewers who like quick, fairly easy and straightforward styles.

If you prefer a much more formal tailoring and tight fit perhaps this sewing magazine may not be the one. Have a look at my review another sewing magazine here is one on Italian sewing magazines. Otherwise here is a blog post on where to buy fabrics online.


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