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How to sew buttonholes by machine

This is a blog post on how to sew buttonholes by machine. Recently I have made a blouse using silk organza fabric. Bias cut At home I have got a Toyota sewing machine for many years (it’s nearly 10 years old ?!!). I must admit I never quite know how to sew buttonholes properly by machine till I started using this specially designed buttonhole foot. I would highly recommend it to anyone as it is amazing results out of it.

If one uses an ordinary press foot it will go all over the place a big struggle. I have learn and found out in a hard way. By using the buttonhole foot there are measurements. Plus on the base there are anti slip surface that prevents the fabric from moving while sewing.

how to sew buttonholes

How to get start

To get start mark the exact place where the buttonhole needs to be placed. Then measure how much opening you need the thicker the button the more space you will need. Easiest way is to do a dummy buttonhole run on a remnant fabric before sewing on the actual garment fabric. With experience one can eyeball the measurements however it is never accurate. The tip is to give 2-3 milli meters more than the standard button diameter and height. This buttonhole attachment will let you know how much you have sew to 0.5 mili meters. The pictures can show how accurate they but they are trust me.

It sews up to 3 centi meters in total length of buttonhole.

Start from the bottom and work your way back then round back to the front. It is shown on the buttonhole dial on the sewing machine. Mine is a Toyota, it should be standard from all sewing machines.

You start sewing from no 12 then 13, 14, 15. Just follow the sequence and you can’t go wrong. Always have this buttonhole attachment it’s a marvellous invention. Bottom picture is the end result of the sewn buttonhole.

After that just make a slit with a small sharp scissors to cut in between the sewn buttonhole. This is to make an opening for button to slid thru. If it measured correctly the button will slid easily.

I would advise to try it out on scrape fabric first. As one can make adjustments if it’s slit is too small or too big. The more you sew buttonholes the more experience you become as well with time one can do it on the first go with no issues.

There many different types in the market for different makes of sewing machines. However the basic principle of sewing a buttonhole using a sewing machine is still very much the same.

Do leave a comment to let me know how you get as I would love to hear about it. And all the best and good luck in sewing buttonholes with a sewing machine or none (yes, I have done that method as well in the past).

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  1. Great guide! I haven’t used a sewing machine in way too long, but I never attempted button holes. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  2. Great and informative post! I’m the sort of guy who still attempts to sew my buttons using a hotel emergency kit! Lol need to invest in a quality machine like yours

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