Embroidery design on a cape coat

Here is a blog post on the recent make from your truly on an embroidery machine. I have got myself a new embroidery machine by Janome which is also a sewing machine. I have been inspired to do more embroidery after previously experience seeing my mum and cousin making table mats and doilies, garments from an old Singer manual embroidery sewing machine. That make/model of the machine must be now about 40 years old at least. This blog post is on embroidery design on a cape coat.

cape coat with embroidery design

Nowadays the embroidery machine you get from the shops are all computerised it just makes life so easier for everyone. Press and few buttons thread a few needles and you are good to go.

Preset designs

No matter how the machine can do even by using preset designs on the machine it takes a bit of creativity or I would flair for colours to make it look good on a garment. I would look into the colour theory. Colour theory is something that every budding art student learns at secondary art classes. This basic knowledge is important as it will form the basis of how painters and designers use colours in their work.

embroidery design on machin

Yes, a flair for colours is just as important so is knowledge it will help you to understand to use those when it comes to using those lovely coloured embroidery threads on the garment you want to make.

This cape is simple to make is from a burda style issue 12/2018. It’s a very to make and stylish coat. I bought some Yorkshire tweed on the recent March 2019 show at Earls Court. Fabulous place to go to if are in London. I have written a blog post just on it.

full view cape coat
full view cape coat

Embroidery design on a cape coat

Anyway back to main subject of this post. Yes so in this example I have use a mustard yellow colour to make the coat. I would like to add some interesting colours and design. Design was easy to find as with the Janome Atelier 9 machine you have got preset designs on the machine itself. However to make the design stand out you don’t use a colour that blends it would not stand out at all. Instead I use the colour blue and orange in which is the primary colours of the colour theory. You can also use the opposite colours and that is where the flair and creativity comes in.

bobbin thread showing on front
flower embroidery pattern

The downside of using an embroidery machine is that one got to careful on how you use the bottom/ bobbin thread. For me sometimes it works some times it’s visible on the top. It was tension dependent plus depending on how much thread there is on the bobbin. As machine embroidery very tightly stitches together it is not easy to unpick when there is a fault in them.

yellow cape coat
machine embroidery on a cape coat

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