How to grow edibles indoors

Here is a blog on how to grow edibles indoors. I love growing my own food. I am no fancu horticulturalist or a botanist. However, I just love growing my own food not decorating my garden. they taste so much better compare to supermarket bought ones. 

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This post is good those who don’t have their own garden. Perhaps all you have is a little patio. I never had my own garden for awhile when I first came to the UK many years ago. Therefore during the times when I did not have a garden I grow edibles indoors by the window where the sun hits most.

seedlings planted indoors

Growing indoors has it’s advantages as it’s basically like a heated  greenhouse. Don’t have a greenhouse not worries just put them indoors in a sunny spot. A lot of edibles can be grown as result. It will be in pots or containers. There are books written about just on growing indoors what type to grow which edible that doesn’t need that much sun, etc.  One of them is  Indoor edible garden by Zia Allaway. There are plenty of other books but this is the one that caught my eye.

Dual purpose – decorative and edible

It can also very decorative at the same time edible so not all plants that are edible are ugly and unattractive. Growing indoors is a great place to start off young seedlings as well. They are much more protection than being out in the cold. this is especially true if you are growing indoors in the UK. Not so if you are living in the tropics in countries like Singapore. I have seen people growing strawberries indoors in Singapore.

In the winter as the daylight in the UK is relatively short plants don’t grow much even if they are grown indoors not unless you have a grow light installed. A bit like trying to grow pot. Most edible plants need to be frost-free, sun, water and nutrients to grow. If one of that element is taken away it will not grow. it will just stay dormant.

pak choi grown in pot
pak choi grown in pot

Edibles to grow indoors

There are plenty of edibles that one can grow indoors like warm loving plants like tomatoes, aubergine, chilli and pepper. Others like tropical herbs like lemongrass and thai basil.

So really one can grow most things indoors. One can even sprout beansprouts, all sorts in kitchen cupboards. Not forgetting mushrooms ah yes. Mushroom farming is altogether a different topic. I remember the days when I use to farm mushroom under my bed lol!! As they say, if there is a will there are ways. For plants to grow well it will need room so space is important. A conservatory is the best place to grow indoors as the sun will come from different directions.

how to grow edibles indoor

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