Where to buy fabrics online

This is a post on where to buy fabrics. As you might know by now I source my fabrics from all over the place. Here are a few of my favorite places. This post on where to buy fabrics online.

Buy fabrics online

Silk Gucci past season  fabric bought on ebay
pink past season Gucci fabric


I have recently bought lots of fabulous fabrics online in which you might notice seen here on the blog posts. You may wonder if I am really that minted ?!! I am not I have bought these lovely designer fabrics quite at quite reasonable prices.

The seller I bought on eBay is @bottegaantica09.  She is based in Italy. The fabrics are wonderful and personally, I think they are 100% genuine. It is just like going to silk factory outlets around Lake Como. They normally have got past season fabrics for sale/ at a reduced price. It available at ebay.com so she does worldwide delivery. If you are in the US the bidding time will work out much better for you. Rather than someone in Europe. Yes, they are on the bid which simply means there is a time end rather than ‘buy it now’. A rather frustrating if you trying to bid from Europe time zone as it sleeping time for us here. I am not her affiliate of any sort and don’t know her personally. This is written in my personal opinion.

Read versace print from same seller
red versace print

The fabrics are sold in a pre-cut length as well.  Yup pre-cut which means there will be some wastage or adapt the pattern to fit the fabric length. If you are up for these challenges it is a great seller to buy from. She is not selling all the time so don’t be surprised to find out that nothing is listed for bidding. As I said in my previous posts I would not be recommending products that I have not to use before or had any experience in being the end user.

Of course there are sellers that sell on ebay as well with the same type of fabrics however I find that it is certainly much more expensive. However, one can buy the fabrics by the meter. check this seller @luxury*lifestyle. I have yet to purchase anything for this seller but it’s got 100% positive feedback.

Other sources to buy fabrics online

I do source my fabric locally from fabric shops in London and Craft shows. Craft shows are great places to go as you get many retailers under one roof. The quality is not as great as well and it varies. I did get a lovely wool cashmere fabric from this exhibit M Rosenberg and sons in which I made into a fabulous wool coat. They also have an online shop as well which they sell all sorts of fabric. All depending on your budget. I also have a busy family and work life so the less time I spent going to shops the better.

Also, there is Pongees silk they sell silk fabric at competitive prices and only minimum yardage/ meter needed. An online account will be needed to set up which is easily done. They provide a swift and quick service plus their customer’s service is top class. The collection is free from their London showroom. Here is a link to their website.

cashmere wool coat from fabric I bought at craft show
wool blue coat

Nowadays many major established retailers selling online like MacCulloch & Wallis. Don#t look out for their delivery costs as it can be quite high. Some don’t deliver to rural areas or abroad. If they do it will definitely cost more than just going down to your local haberdashery. So have a look around first. Some retailers also want you to spend a certain amount before you get their free delivery.

I found another place that has got a physical shop and online is Fabrics Galore that is based in London. A great place to know. There is also Minerva crafts their minimum purchase is £20 for free delivery in the UK.

Also, there are numerous fabric and haberdashery like Atelier Brunette based in Paris that design and sell their fabric online. Delivery to Europe 10 euros.

The cons of shopping online are that, to be honest, you can never know what the fabric is actually like until it arrives at your front door. The texture, feel, and weigh it may not be as described. Some online retailers do samples. If they do go for the samples first before buying more.

Online shopping has just open so many more doors for us end users. We could source fabrics from one end of the world to another.

Many other online places do sewing packs with items (threads, zips) that all you need to sew a particular garment as well. One of them is bluprint an American based onilne retailer that ships worldwide. I have yet to buy these packs but I have bought their online courses and they are very informative.

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