How to sew pants opening with concealed pockets

This is a blog post on how to sew pants opening with concealed pockets. I have recently sewn pants from a pattern from Fibre mood. for anyone that doesn’t much about fibre mood magazine here a review, I did on it about a year ago. It is great modern, trendy sewing magazine. the down side of it is that you have login into their website to get more clearer instructions.

This instruction would just work with any similar patterns that require the same sewing technique. I am quite fascinated as most pockets I have sewn in the past are either side seam pockets or patch pockets. I love to try out new techniques and this is just a documentary of that journey. It may not be perfect as a professional sewer but this is how one learns to perfect their home sewing technique at home.

How to sew pants opening with concealed pockets.

To get going with sewing, first of all cut and trace out the the pockets as per the pattern instructions. Then start sewing the darts and pleats there is on the pants. These are the basic steps of sewing darts that always comes first. Then sew the pockets to the front and back seam of the pants. I don’t have any photos to show you however it is in the magazine. Once the waistband is in place it should look like below.

pants opening with concealed pockets
inside of trousers opening with concealed pockets

The trick in sewing this kind of pockets is to ignore the usual rules of the sewing pockets. In which seams should always go together but this time it overlaps. The back especially opening with front as it will create an opening.

Back opening of concealed pockets

Yes there will be gaps (holes in the pocket opening to make it easier to wear the pants/ trousers.

this is how it looks when it is finished

The usual rules applied when sewing a waistband like reducing the thickness of the waistband. I then finished with a waistband with buttons and snap buttons at both ends as fasteners.

Ans here is the finished pants I sewn.

pants opening with concealed pockets

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