Invisible zip challenge

I have recently made myself a skirt. It was using a cotton stretch jersey and a pattern from burda style magazine. The vivid colours and pattern on the fabric just fascinates me. I just can’t wait to turn into something I can wear. I didn’t run into issues of cutting out the pattern and sewing the skirt up till I came to sewing the zip onto the skirt. It did take me ages to perfect it!! Every time I try to sew it on, it seems to have bulge noticeably when it’s zip up.

Invisible zip

At first I was using an ordinary zip, as I couldn’t find any invisible zip in the haberdashery shops when I was on holiday. When I got home I bought an invisible zip to rectify the visible bulge issue. It did help, I also gave a bit more slack to the fabric and iron out any stitch that is overlapping at the bottom end of the invisible zip where it joins with the other side of skirt panel. I hope I am making some sense here…

I found out that it is  also quite a common problem when using invisible zip on stretch fabrics after going into dressmaking forums. There is a lot of fantastic YouTube videos and posts around on how insert an invisible zip but not many on how to address the issue/s that arise.

I will post some detailed troubleshooting on invisible zip in the future as I am planning to change domain name at the moment. A domain name like cityediblegarden just doesn’t sound good for a sewing blog.

I have match this skirt with a Hugo boss top I got from charity shop. I have match this skirt in my post on in between season in which will be publish on a latter date.


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