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How I started dressmaking. Why make your own garments?

This post was made back in the days of my old domain on hosted domain called cityediblegarden.com at that time I was still very new to blogging. this post is about why I started dressmaking. Why one should make your own garments? Why learn sewing?

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The start….

Making has always been my first love ever since I was a child as something I always wanted to do. When I was young I love watching my mum cook and make clothes for the 4 of us in the family. I did get an offer to do a degree in textile design but didn’t take it up. I was in my 30’s had a mortgage, nice job, love my travels just wasn’t right becoming a student again.

So in between gardening, I do love-making all sorts of things mainly things to do with fabrics dressmaking, dyeing and printing.

Another dress I made

Buying fabrics

I love nice fabrics after all I believe if you are going to spend all that time dressmaking. It makes it even more worthwhile making it.As it is most likely a dress that will stay in your wardrobe for years. Don’t get me wrong I have started dressmaking in my early years using cheap fabric as well. I use to make them for sleepwear.

Nowadays there are budget clothes shops like Primark https://www.primark.com/en/homepage here that you get a dress that cost just £5 on sale. Great for using them for daily casual wear. But it’s most likely made with cheap polyester fabric or one might find a dress that is too short. In my circumstances or in my age showing off my varicose veins. I still love to shop in Primark though when I just want to shop lots and not having to pay a lots.

Quality not quantity

I am fortunate enough to be able to buy fabrics from places where high end fabrics are sold.There is Valli tessuti in Bologna where I bought some lovely digital printed fabrics.  A genuine versace dress print designed with illustrator Julie Verhoeven. Not a classic print but that what makes it so special.  I hardly wear this dress only on special occasions as the lovely luxurious feel of fabric just demands for it to wear on a special occasion. It just shows that from home dressmaking one can actually make it into something that looks very nice and professionally make.

For cheaper option there are silk factory outlets in Guanzate near Lake Como. There is now online shop but I have not bought anything from there yet. The dress patterns are from burda monthly magazines in which I have adapted fit the pattern into the fabrics layout. Oh yes over time I learn to hack patterns quite well.

Custom making

When you make your own clothes, one can easily custom it to ones own size and shape. It is easily done especially for measurements like length of the dress or skirt. One example is I am taller that the average person most of the shop bought dresses and skirt tend to end up mid thigh and not knee length. There are books like Fast fit by Sandra Betzina that helps on the custom fit patterns.

Update (January 2019)

I have recently found out that there are now online classes. Here is one of them and it’s called bluprint now Crafsy and Creative bug.

If you want updates on when there is a free trial do subscribe to my blog. They also do offer free patterns and tips as well on their website. But it will need signing up. Of course, if you don’t like you can always unsubscribe.  I have just sign up for it and it’s a good deal if one wants to learn online.  I have written a full review on bluprint. Here is the link.

This all in my honest and personal opinion. It takes time to learn a new craft be it sewing, knitting, crochet, baking or even gardening. These are my true love and passion. Just need to find time to do it all!! All the best. Do let know how you get on in the comments below.

why make your own clothes
why make your own clothes?


dressmaking why make your own clothes

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