Sewing jeans/ pants opening at home

This is a blog post on how sewing jeans/ pants opening at home. It is not as hard to sew as it looks. When I first start to sew it always wonders me how one can make this kind of opening. It is commonly seen in jeans and tailored trousers opening. Like most things in sewing once you have the basics and the more you sew it will come easily.

This pants pattern is from Fibre mood in the sewing magazine it also comes with some great sewing instructions. I will write it in my own words but trust me they seriously do that some great illustrations on how to sew it and it works very well. Here my blog post on Fibre mood sewing magazine.

Sewing jeans/ pants opening

I use the Fibre mood no. 8 edition Ebony pattern in this post. Any other pattern that has the same cut of opening the method of sewing will be the same. This opening is close with a button or zip opening. it is entirely up to you ultimately. Below is the opening flap pieces to join to pants front pieces. One the left is to for the buttonholes, the other on the right is for the flap for the bottom of the opening of the pants.

sewing jeans/ pants opening
pants opening flap pieces

Fold it over like the above. Then prepare the opening of the cut pieces of front pants pieces opening. On the right pocket piece, it is cut away to accommodate one of the cut flap pieces. That cutaway bit doesn’t any overlocking. Overlock like in the below picture.

sewing jeans/ pants opening
front pants pieces that has been trimmed away and overlocked

Sew together the front pieces together towards the crotch end. Attached the flaps to the opening as in the picture.

sewing jeans/ pants opening
flaps place on pants opening

Do sew the buttonholes at this point before or after laying on the opening. I didn’t do it and only to find latter that I struggle to sew the buttonholes.

Then sew the buttonhole flap in place.

buttonhole flap stitch on pants opening

Sew the other flap piece in as well. Ease it in gently. Finally, add in the top stitch on the opening just only the buttonhole opening.

Below is what it looks like inside.

finished pants opening inside view

This is what is looks like with bottom flap over it.

inside of pants opening

The final piece will look like the below on the right side.

sewing jeans/ pants opening
finish pants opening

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