Growing Courgette

These are courgettes in garden this morning. It had cool weather over last few days now a few flowers and it is beginning to fruit. It is easy to grow, needs full sun and manure compost. One plant do produce a few or a glut of courgettes in a growing season. The flowers are edible as well as the fruit. One plant does produce a lot of flowers and fruit for the season. So not many needed not unless one like to eat courgette very much.

growing & harvesting courgette

Growing courgette

Growing courgette like any vegetable it requires a warm season to grow. It is also prone to mildew in which there is dampness on the leaves. It will cause the the leaves to whiteten up. Apparently feeding them with high potash might help with the powdery mildew. I just find that by just growing them in the right season with some warm weather helps a lot to prevent mildew. Something to keep in mind when growing courgette.


As theyare vigorous and productive they do take up a lot of space in the garden. Do start sow the seeds indoors in April on sunny spot like on the windowsill.  Just put the seed about 2.5cm deep into a pot of soil. Transplant them to a bigger pot when roots are seen at the bottom of the pot. They grow very quick so do keep an eye out. Try to space them apart from other plants if possible about 60cm

It is possible to buy young seedlings from garden centres. Do keep in mind that courgette are easy to sow from seeds.

Just deep fry the flowers in batter or stuff them in cheese.img_1340
Here is a quick lunch I made today with homegrown courgette and tomatoes today. Thai fish cakes, serves with diced courgette, tomatoes, pineapple and watermelon.  Courgette salad  With some extra chilli and garlic dip for that extra spice or dressing.

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