Growing and harvesting Mooli

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting Mooli. Mooli also is known as daikon or white radish. If it is given the right conditions it is relatively easy to grow radish. Otherwise, it can be quite tricky as it will just produce leaves and not roots. It comes from the same family as other types of radishes except it is much longer in size. It can take slower to grow as well. To get the radish to swell it can be hard sometimes.

Mooli has got many culinary uses. It can be use in salads, savoury cakes and stews. Just like what you would do with ordinary radish but the taste is much milder. This is due to the size of mooli is much bigger compared to a radish.

Growing and harvesting Mooli

growing and harvesting mooli
Mooli and leaves

To grow Mooli is from seed. These can be bought from most vegetable seed suppliers. I got mine online from Premier seeds direct as a great place to look for home growing seeds. If the seeds are viable it will germinate easily under 3 days it normally takes. Sow the seeds at the end of summer. As this is the best time to grow Mooli. In hot summer weather mooli doesn’t swell easily but it swells in cool weather. Try to spread the seedling out as much as possible. Mooli doesn’t thrive in overcrowded conditions as the seedlings are busy competing to grow instead of establishing roots. Not too hot weather as it will not swell.

One will know it is growing ok once it’s foliage starts to grow. Nice and big. Grow the mooli in a nice sunny spot and well-drained soil. Water regularly and it needs water to swell.

growing and harvesting mool
Mooli leaves

Harvest time

Come October and November it is harvest time. Although the home grown ones will definitely be much smaller than supermarket or shop bought ones.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Have a look at my previous blog post on growing and harvesting radish.

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  1. Thank you for this useful post! I planted some mooli at the end of September and have been wondering how long I should wait before pulling them up, because I’ve never grown them before. It’s great to find someone else growing them in the UK and very nice to also find this blog full of lovely interesting things. I shall enjoy coming back to read some more.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. I would suggest to wait as long as you can till you see the foliage is nice and big (blooming) on the plant. Then harvest it. It’s similar to growing radishes. All the best.

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