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How to sew tailored trousers at home

This is a blog post on how to sew tailored trousers at home. Trousers also known as pants in different parts of the world are the sewing staples in one’s wardrobe. I have recently made a few tailored trousers at home. Tailored trousers are different from leggings in such as they are a bit more steps to make them. It is great to be able to make one at home as one can tailor it to fit you. Here is an old blog post on why one should make own clothes at home. Dressmaking and sewing are terms used interchangeably a lot in the sewing world. Sewing terms gives a broader meaning than dressmaking. For beginners, it is always a good idea to just follow simple patterns so as to be able to make it successfully without spending ages and hours at it. Most patterns will have the level of difficulty before one decides to sew it.

tailored trousers
Tailored trousers made from Burda sewing magazine pattern 04/2019

How to sew tailored trousers at home

In order to sew tailored trousers, some basic sewing types of equipment will be required. Hare is some basic equipment that one might need. Besides the pattern then there is the fabric. Fabrics will make up a lot of the cost in a garment. In order to make the pattern more fitting, I would try to use some fabrics with a bit of stretch in it. It would give a bit of stretch instead of altering the pattern. In order to alter the pattern, one needs to know how the pattern constructed pretty well. If there is any overstretch in areas of the trousers some alteration will make the garment fit smoothly. Things like moving darts and cutting it wider in certain areas will fit better. Trousers are notoriously seen to show a good and bad fit easily. This due to the fact that many of us come in different shapes and sizes that don’t normally conform to the standard pattern.

sew tailored trousers
Tailored trousers top finishing

Once the fit looks into then is the construction time. Some basic knowledge of sewing pockets, zip openings, waistbands, and finishing hems are required. Sewing pockets can be in many forms side seam and jeans pocket opening. Then there is the zip opening which can be in button or zip. Finishing hems like sewing invisible hem is quite standard nowadays. Also finally there are waistbands in which I have yet to write much about. But it is just quite important to put a pair of tailored trousers together. If one has those sewing skills one can sew tailored trousers easily.

Tailored trousers zip and pocket opening

Here is an illustration on tailored trousers I sew recently using a Burda sewing magazine pattern. This pattern uses jeans/ pants pockets, has a zip opening, invisible waistband and finally, I sew an invisible hem together. Thank you for dropping by and reading.

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