Growing and harvesting radish

Growing and harvesting radish at home

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting radish at home. It’s spring at the moment and the growing season has begun. Radish is seen to be a quick growing crop. Yes, it is to quickly grow, however, it’s not so straight forward to achieve a perfect crop. Radish has got a peppery taste to it that it doesn’t suit many tastes. Here is more information about radish on Wikipedia. However, it’s grown in many allotments and home. Here are a few tips to obtain some success in growing radish that I found at home.

growing and harvesting radish
radish with leaves

Growing and harvesting radish

Radish has to be sown from seeds. The best time sow it is early spring and late summer. As once the weather gets too hot it will not produce any roots but it flowers and seed instead. Sow them under covers when the weather is cold outside. When it warms up sow them outside. It is possible to sow directly in prepared soil. Space them out even as far apart as possible 10cm. When radish is grown close together it will not produce any roots. It is one of the problems in growing radish. Do plant them in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Water them regularly. Protect them from slugs and other aphids.

Growing and harvesting radish
radish plant and root

Come 3-4 weeks when the leaves mature they are ready to harvest. The leaves are edible as well I believe. Another problem I found is that when the roots are harvested they look as if they have chewed on. Possibly flea bettle again. Also, another they cause is that there are tiny holes in the leaves. Do cover them with horticultural fleece and keep the soil moist. Feed them regularly so that the radish outgrows the flea bites. Another solution is not to grow them in where brassicas have grown before. This minimizes any disease when growing radish. Do harvest them as soon as the roots form as they will taste hot and even more peppery.

radish bitten by bettle but it is still edible

Radishes are great to serve in salads and also made into a pickle. Thank you for dropping by and reading. Do have a look at my other posts like growing and harvesting beetroot.

growing and harvesting radish

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