growing and harvesting thyme

Growing and harvesting thyme

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting thyme at home. Thyme is a herb that grows annually thas is easy to grow. There are a few varieties of it. Thyme is commonly used to flavor roast chicken. It is also great to use on fish dishes, soups and as an ingredient in stuffing mix as well.

Originally from the Mediterranean thyme thrives on full sun and well-drained soil. Depending on the variety it is possible to grow in pots, borders, or raised beds. Some varieties grow well in gravel or cracks in paving. It also makes a nice colorful display in a hanging basket of window boxes. It is possible to extend the life of thyme by protecting it from winter frost.

growing and harvesting thyme
Thyme plant

Growing and harvesting Thyme

To grow thyme it is to grow from seed or buy readily grown thyme in pots in garden centers. The seeds are sold online and in garden centers. There are many places online that one can buy the seeds from Thompson & Morgan. Grow them in well-drained soil. Once established there is no need to water so much. Feed them every now and then in March and May with some comfrey feed if grown in pots. Plant in a sunny spot.

When the thyme starts flowering in summer cut back the flowers so that one can harvest more leaves in the autumn. Come winter protect the thyme from frost and also from cold wet winter weather.

growing and harvesting thyme
Thyme planted on ground

Thyme is ready to harvest when the leaves and stalks are fully formed or it is flowering. Dry them on a drying shelf to extend its storage life. It is also ready to use fresh.

Thank you for dropping by and reading. Do have a look at my other herb growing posts like growing and harvesting mint and coriander.

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