growing and harvesting mint

Growing and harvesting mint at home

This blog post is on growing and harvesting mint. Mint is a super easy perennial herb that is easy to grow in the UK. It does grow in many different climates as well.

Mint has great culinary use from adding flavour to drinks and plenty of dishes. From Moroccan mint tea to South-East Asian salads and soups. It can also be used in spinach omelette as well. It’s great to have around.

growing and harvesting mint

Growing and harvesting mint

To get hold of a mint plant buys the ones in garden centres. It is possible to grow from supermarket ones however they are of different variety and not grown for flavour most of the time. Another option is to grow them from cuttings which are easy to root especially in spring and summer season. Mint doesn’t need much sun and will grow in partial shade. Do grow them in pots if you can as they grow quickly and can get out of control easily. They grow best in manure and well-drained compost. They make a great window herb boxes just by kitchen.

growing and harvesting mint

Mint does need some sun but not as much as tomatoes and they need a little care. They are also a perennial plant which means they grow again and again year by year. They are relatively disease-free however I do find their leaves do get eaten by some bug as they get older. So they don’t keep strong all the time.

To harvest mint it’s easy just harvest the young growing shoots that are free from diseases. Always remember to leave some behind to grow more. Do prune mint plants when growing out of hand especially in the summer. They don’t need much care in the winter.

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growing and harvesting mint

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