growing asparagus

Growing asparagus how to at home

Here is a blog post on growing asparagus at home. Asparagus is a perennial plant like many gardeners I thought it will such an easy to grow vegetable at home. Not really. Maybe it’s just me. After having a look at the information around it is indeed actually not that easy especially in the early years. However once established they can grow for up to 25 years.

Growing asparagus at home

To grow asparagus while it is possible to grow from seed, it’s much better to grow from crowns. As these crowns are one-year-old rooted plants. They can be bought in garden centers or online during autumn or early spring. If propagating from seed it will take a few years before it becomes establish or ready to harvest.

growing asparagus

I did grow my asparagus from crowns and it took 2 years rather than a standard a year to get establish so don’t be surprised. I got a relatively small city vegetable garden patch as well. As a result, I do forget if the crowns are there as the growing season progresses. Depending on the variety crowns start growing in thin skinny shoots rather than nice thick ones you see in the supermarket. Some of them didn’t grow after a while. It is probably taken over by weeds or some other plants.

Of course, there are the trenches you have dig in the beginning as well. But only if are growing a huge amount of asparagus. Mine were grown in the raised beds. I just add compost and soil as I go along. In which is another method of growing besides building trenches.

growing asparagus

For the first year and two let the asparagus plant become established. I have let grow by themselves so that the roots get established. At the moment it’s winter so I am letting the shoots die down then hopefully I can harvest in next years season.

In the winter do mulch them part of the reason is that the frost / cold moisture develops mould and this can kill the young tender asparagus plant.

Growing in containers

Of course, it is possible to grow them in large big containers but they lifespan is only 3-4 season. I have tried growing them in containers but they didn’t grow very well.

Thank you for dropping by do have a loot at my other easy to grow perennials like sorrel.

Growing and harvesting asparagus

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