Mary quant mini dress pattern

Mary Quant Mini dress pattern free to download

Here is an ongoing Mary Quant free Mini dress pattern currently still available to download. There are two dress patterns that are available to download. It was created as part of her recent exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It had ended in February but the free patterns are still available. I have managed to find free patterns but I do find they do have a time limit (not available forever). So my apologies in advance if the download link doesn’t work anymore. These patterns are created by a pattern company called Alice & Co.

Mary quant Mini dress pattern

One of the patterns is a simple A-line shape shift dress. Of course, done in Mark Quant style. It is definitely possible to add your own taste and style to the pattern. This is an easily adaptable pattern. It also comes with a separate set of instructions. This like what I have done below two dresses from the same pattern but different variations.

Mary quant mini dress pattern

There are different versions of the pattern that can be downloaded either in A4 where you can print in an ordinary home desk jet printer. Another version is the A0 version where you will need to send off to the printing bureau that prints can these large one-piece patterns. A4 PDF download versions are much more economical but it will need some sticking together to piece the patterns.

Mary Quant mini dress pattern

Here is the link to download. In my opinion, as the pattern needs some structure it is best to sew it in cotton or linen or any dress fabrics with structure. Wool tweed is good for winter dress outfit. It does require some knowledge and skills in sewing. However, it is nothing complicated about the pattern that an average sewer can’t tackle. Here are some link on some sewing tips and tutorials. How to sew sleeves and sewing invisible zip.

So do have a try at it. It comes from UK size 6-14 and here is the link. Thank you for dropping by.

mary quant free dress pattern

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