Sewing sheer fabric dress at home

The blog post is on sewing a sheer fabric dress. I have sewn sheer fabrics in the past but not much in recent times. As I have sewing using stretch fabrics and wool fabrics. However, I saw this lovely silk organza fabric a past season by Dolce Gabanna and fell in love with it. It also comes with lots of fabric which means I will get more levy on what I can sew with it.

Of course, it’s always better to choose a pattern then buy the fabric. But sometimes it just works that way. I love fantastic lovely fabrics and knowing how to sew I just save myself and making custom made a dress that fits me.

Sewing sheer fabric dress

Sewing a fabric dress is different from sewing an ordinary dress as it requires one to take that extra few steps.

They are sewing french seams. Here is a link to my old blog post on how to sew french seam. When sewing any seams on sheer fabric do use fine sewing needle for sheer fabric. 60/8 or 65/9 sewing needle will do. Also a looser tension is better as it creates less tension in the stitches. Using an overlocker plus basting underneath to give more support. Oh yes, it is possible to use a domestic overlocker to finish sheer fabrics. It just needs to be in the correct setting and of course the correct type of sheer fabric. So always do a sew test run before sewing on the main garment.

sewing sheer organza dress

The pattern I use is from fibre mood Rosalie dress pattern. The fabric I got is sheer organza which I bought online. Here is my blog post on where to buy fabric online. Fibre mood magazines can also be bought online or in some selected WHSmith shops in the UK. Here is a link to my blog post on fibre mood magazine.

sewing sheer organza dress

I choose this pattern as it is suited for the amount of fabric I have on hand and also for this type of fabric. I have also lined the dress as well as it just creates a different dimension and adds some modesty to a sheer organza fabric. In summary, do choose the pattern and the fabric of choice properly to sew in sheer fabric. Here is an old blog post of mine on sewing sheer blouse.

sewing sheer fabric dress

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