asparagus pea plant

How to grow and harvest asparagus pea

This is a blog post on how to grow and harvest asparagus pea. Asparagus pea is a common pea that grows well in South East Asia. It is also known as wing-pea as the shop of the pod looks like one. It is possible to grow it in a climate like the UK during the spring and summer seasons. Homegrown ones tend to be much smaller in size compared to shop-bought ones. However, the freshness makes up for its size. One of the reasons that are small is probably down to the weather conditions. Sometimes no matter, why they are so small and sometimes hard to grow these plants have got childhood attachment to them and that is why I grow them.

It normally grows nice and big in tropical climates. It is possible to grow it in temperatures and climates that are similar to the UK in summer.

Asparagus pea is normally eaten with sambal (spicy chili paste). In this case of homegrown small young ones, it can be eaten raw with sambal. The whole pea can be eaten from the pod to the pea. They taste like a combination of asparagus and pea.

grow and harvest asparagus pea
Asparagus pea plant

How to grow and harvest asparagus pea

Asparagus pea is grown from seed. There are many places selling asparagus pea seeds as it’s now having a surge in popularity. Here is a link to Premier seeds Direct, they provide a great and fast service. Sow the seed early indoors or undercover in a propagator. Grow them indoors till the risk of frost is over and when they are strong enough to be grown outside. I have grown asparagus pea in 50 liter recycled compost bags. Otherwise, they grow just as well on well-drained soil. Grow them in sunny spots and feed them regularly with some comfrey feed or Fish & bone meal. this is so that they produce flowers and pods regularly.

Asparagus pea is relatively disease-free and easy to grow. But they need some warm temperature and be fairly matured in order to produce pea pods. They don’t like their roots to be too wet. When they are young slugs and snails love to feast on them.

grow and harvest asparagus pea

Asparagus pea is ready to harvest once the pods grow to about 3 cm. Harvest them regularly so as to produce more pods.

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growing and harvesting asparagus pea at home

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