How to grow and harvest purslane

This is a blog post on how to grow and harvest purslane. Purslane is actually a weed that has its origins from Asia. If grown in a temperate climate like the UK it grows annually. There is a high chance of it self seeding as well. It is very good for you as it contains lots of natural vitamins and minerals. Easy to grow and good for you that the plant and weed that I would love to grow in my garden. It is also doesn’t take long to grow till you can harvest it. One important one needs to remember that it can take over the garden so it’s best to grow them in pots.

The tastes of purslane has slightly sour or salty taste a bit like watercress. It can eaten raw or cooked.

How to grow and harvest purslane
Purslane plant

How to grow and harvest purslane.

Purslane is easily grown from seed. Get hold of some seeds online and start sowing uncovered around April to May. I got my seeds from Seekay horticultural supplies online. Their service is slow but it does arrive. I just sow them like what I normally do on in propagator. But they sprout so fast so the propagator is not necessary. I do understand they need sunlight in order to sprout. But I didn’t have such an issue.

How to grow and harvest purslane
Purslane seedling

Once sow grow them in a pot with manure compost in a sunny spot. Water them regularly. they don’t need much care. Once they are ready to sow just pluck the leaves off. They look good in a hanging basket as purslane tend to drape down when they are growing. Once they start to flower and then seed. Do save some seeds as it saves you from trying to locate for some seeds.

Personally, I won’t be growing much of them as I would have to try to get rid of them at some stage. I do find comfrey a much better weed to grow although it is not edible. Here is my blog post on growing comfrey.

how to grow and harvest purslane

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