Angled patch pocket with flap

Angled patch pocket with flap how to sew

Here is a blog post on how to sew an angled patch pocket with flap at home. Patch pocket does come in different shapes and sizes. It can be curved as well. However, the principles of making an angled patch pocket will be the same as making a curved pocket. In my opinion, it makes an attractive feature on the garment when sewing with a contrasting color flap.

I am using Mary Quant’s pattern for this. Here is a link to the blog post for a free pattern to download. It’s a mini dress pattern that is made into different styles.

Angled patch pocket with flap how to sew

Angled patch pocket pattern with flap
Angled patch pocket pattern

First of all, get hold of a pattern. In this Mary Quant free pattern, one has to cut away the flap as I was sewing the flap using a different fabric. Then trace, draft, and cut the pattern on the fabric. Remember pockets always run the same straight grain fo the fabric. So do cut the pocket facing the straight grain. Leave about 2-3 cm for seam allowance. Trace and cut the fabric. Both on the pockets and on the main garment on the right side of the fabric. Then cut out the different fabric and interfacing for flap in the pocket. The flap with be attached as an opening of the pocket. Iron the interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric like shown in the picture.

Flap pieces with interface ironed on on the very top and bottom pieces.

Place the interfaced and flap pieces together. The right side of fabric together. Sew in place except the opening that is going to be attached to the main pocket piece. Mitre/ cut the corners by cutting at an angle. This is to create a nice corner rather than a bulky corner.

sewn flap pieces for angled pocket

Overlock the pocket all round except the opening. Then press the seam allowance of the patch pocket in place.

Angled patch pocket with flap
Flap attach on the angled patch pocket

Attach the flap to the angled pocket by pinning on the pieces onto the pocket. Sew in place. Then turn on the other side of the fabric and sew in place outside.

Angled patch pocket with flap
Angled patch pocket pieces right and wrong side view

Press then attach to the main garment and sew in place.

Mary quant dress with angled collar and pocket

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