Why grow comfrey

This is a blog post on why grow comfrey and what is its use for. Comfrey is a great source of natural nutrients for plants. I do grow some vegetable at home so can relate the reason to use comfrey. Plus most of the time comfrey grow like weeds in the garden. It’s more of you trying to get rid of them rather than wanting to plant them. Unlike like weeds they have great uses in the garden.

Like most amateur gardeners initially, I didn’t know the benefits of and what is comfrey. Now after reading a few gardening books and gardening comfrey is such a great weed to know. Comfrey (scientific name Symptytium ) is the same flowering family-like borage. I have previously written a blog post of growing borage flowers. It has got a high source of potassium which is a vital nutrient for plants to flower, fruit and seed production.

What is it?

However, as I said as they grow like a weed with the exception of Bocking 14 variety which is sterile they will keep on producing and producing where there is the slightest hint of the root. They are also deep-rooted plants therefore very hard to get rid of. When I first started gardening I didn’t have any comfrey in the garden. Bought some Bocking 14 roots however they didn’t survive. I then bought some seeds. they were dead easy to grow grew them in pots as I didn’t want them to spread. They didn’t last the winter season no flowers seen. I must have reused the soil and now I have ended up with comfrey plants with flowers here and there in the garden.

Anyway, at least they have some uses in the garden and they take the vital nutrients from the soil. It’s just having to cut them down every now and then. Boy, they do grow very fast. They are quite easy to identify with characteristics of big leaves. I tend to cut them down as their big leaves tend to dominate other smaller plants around them.

Comfrey tea

Most gardeners will make comfrey tea which is basically broken and rotted down leaves. This is diluted in water at least 50% and used as a fertilizer to the vegetable garden. Do use them diluted as they are quite strong.


I have seen them being made into slaves by mixing them with olive oil. Salves are meant to support bruises, bumps and scrapes healing. Personally, I have not tried making them.

While it is good for the plants and as topical ointment however they are no good and can cause liver toxicity when ingested orally.

why grow comfrey

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