Thai basil plant

Growing and harvesting Thai Basil

Growing and harvesting  Thai basil leaves in cold climate can be a challenge. It is only grown during spring and summer season. The leaves tastes more aniseed than the common basil we get here in supermarkets and in Italian cooking. As the leaves are the main source of seasoning there is no need to wait till it flowers.

Growing and Harvesting

It grows very much like common basil except when it flowers it has nice deep purple flowers. In comaprison to the common basil it has got white flowers. It is from the same family as the common basil. It thrives on the same conditions as basil nice sunny spot with well drained soil and water regularly.

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The leaves has a different shape as well. To gorw it is quite easy all it need is full sun, and well drain compost. it is also relatively disease free. Some gardening books recommend to start sowing the seeds in April or early May.

I start sowing the seeds in April and now it’s end of august it has been growing quite a bit. Just keep harvesting just only the leaves as it will give room for new leaves to grow.

Here is a link to where one can buy the seeds online. For other blog post on growing Thai spices and herbs here is a link to growing Lemongrass in cold climate.

grow and harvest thai basil
thai basil grow and harvest


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