how devore on silk velvet

How to Devore on silk velvet fabric

This is a blog post on how to Devore silk velvet fabric. I have been experimenting lately on how to create patterns on fabrics. This time I got some chemicals for Devore lying around so now I am dying to try them out.

Devore comes from a French word which means. It simply just means a method of biting out the velvet top area of the fabric to reveal the polyester backing underneath. Done properly it’s a lovely way to create patterns on velvet fabrics. Velvet fabrics do come in different types and make. So is the chemical solution commonly called Fiber Etch. With this mind don’t expect results to be similar as what you might expect to see here.

I bought my Fibre etch from an online shop called George Weil. The fabrics are not from them but I got it from Pongees silk a great place to shop for silk online.

how devore on silk velvet
devore pattern

How to Devore on silk velvet fabric

Fibre Etch comes in a small nozzle tip bottle. One can apply it easily with a paintbrush, sponge or even directly onto the fabric. Or even just add fabric dyes to create color out it.

I did expect some amazing results however, to be honest, I was rather disappointed this time. As it did etch the velvet but it did not create great vivid patterns that I expected. A few reasons for this, fiber etch is not strong enough or simply the velvet was dark so it is not showing up much.

However, I use Indalca a strong thickening paste that smells of ammonia managed to etch the velvet. This is at the same time it printed some nice coloured patterns onto the velvet. The indalca was so strong that it took off the screen filler that was applied onto the screen!! So lots of learning curve I found on this journey.

devore fabric

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