runner bean chicken stir fry

Runner bean chicken stir fry recipe

This is a blog post on runner bean and chicken stir fry recipe. It’s a great recipe to use up runner beans from the garden. Runner bean plants are known to produce a glut during harvest time. It’s an easy to grow bean plant here is a link on growing and harvesting runner bean.

This recipe uses young runner bean pods as one doesn’t need to wait until the seeds to form or mature. It is possible to buy shop or supermarket bought runner bean just try to find young tender beans still in the pods. If you can feel big lumps of beans in the pod or the pod is old and tough it is not suitable for this recipe.

As it’s a stir fry recipe it calls for freshly harvest runner bean pod. Fresh beans pod will have crunchiness retain in them after cooking. This recipe is great to serve with plain boiled rice as an accompaniment. It’s gluten-free. For instructions on how to cook rice on cooker here is the link.

runner bean chicken stir fry

It is possible to make this dish a vegan dish by substituting the chicken with fresh firm tofu. Also, it’s possible to add other ingredients like oyster mushrooms or carrot. This will add more texture and nutrients to the dish.

Runner bean and chicken stir fry recipe

Serves 2

200 grams of young tender runner bean pods

2 chicken breasts, sliced into thin slices

For vegetarian option –

Substitute with

One block fresh firm tofu any flavour (plain or spicy depending how you like it) cut into 2cm cubes.

100 grms oyster mushroom (optional)

1 medium size carrot (optional)

3 cloves garlic

2 cm ginger grated

1 tablespoon dark soy sauce

1 teaspoon sugar

One tablespoon light soy sauce

1 tablespoon corn flour

One tablespoon rapseed cooking oil


Prepare all the ingredients. Mince the garlic, slice the runner beans into 1 cm slices. If using mushroom and carrot slice them up into bite size pieces.

Then for the marinate dark and light soy sauce, caster sugar and black pepper together with the sliced chicken breasts and cubed tofu. Leave to marinate for 20 minutes in the fridge.

In a wok heat up the oil on high heat. Fry the garlic till fragrant then add the chicken or tofu. Fry till the chicken is about the cook. Add the sliced runner beans and the rest of the vegetables if using them.

While it’s cooking add the corn flour the remaining marinate if there is any left. Add a bit (30-50 mls of water) to mix it up. Pour the mixture onto the stir. This will thicken up and produce a nice thick sauce. Dish up and serve with some nice warm freshly boiled rice.

Enjoy. Thank you for dropping by.

runner bean chicken stir fry

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