Vegan alternative what can be used instead in diet

Over the recent years there is a lot of written and telly programmes on vegan alternative diet. Why we should be think of it? How cows and the commercial world is doing for our environment. Climate change for our future generations to come. So with this it has brought many ideas to our household diet. Don’t get me wrong I still love eating meat but somehow now beginning to be more conscious of eating meat.

At the moment going completely vegans is also very expensive as many supermarkets and producers are jumping into the bandwagon and this new trend. However, as there is more demand for vegan products the cost of being vegan will drop in the future say in 20 years time?

So this blog post is on finding out what are the vegan alternative currently that is available. I might even soon be inspired to cook and write recipes on vegan alternative to meat products.

What does vegan alternative diet means?

There are, any debates what is vegan means. It just simply means going to use all non-meat products which means including clothing. It is a lot to take in and many at the moment just simply can’t afford to do so. I have read an article from a women’s magazine lately wow!!

Here are the vegan alternatives

Milk – coconut, almond

Cheese – all pro does a dairy-free cheddarButter – there are vegan alternative like palm or sunflower oil-based products

Yoghurt – there are products available but my vegan friend said that the taste might be a compromise

Eggs – there are vegan thickening agents like corn flour, Flaxseeds, chia seeds, xanthan gum. Some recipes are easy to substitute like an omelette with tofu. However, in cake baking it is not so easy. Best is to find a cake baking egg-free alternative. As to replace eggs it is quite a complex process. One can replace it with something called Aquafaba which is basically a juice leftover in canned beans.

Meat – Quorn meat free substitute, tofu

Sausages and burgers – nowadays they are plenty of vegan look and taste alike in the market so do have a look around.

Seafood and fish – there are recipes to make it look like seafood and then again it’s also the taste

If one to go fully vegan one also has to take supplements to give minerals that are not easily found in a pure vegan diet. Notably calcium, iron and vitamin b12.

So this is a short I will continue updating as I go along. For me eating more vegetables products is create a more sustainable environment for the future. It also has to be affordable and not cause any long term health issues especially to my young family.

Thank you fro dropping by. While you are here do have a look at my plant bsed recipes like courgette salad. Other recipes there is stir fry potato strips and water spinach stir fry.

Vegan diet

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