bean and lentil soup

Bean and lentil soup – a home cook recipe

This is a blog post on making bean and lentil soup that is vegan (plant-based) and gluten-free recipe. I have made it with beans harvesting from my vegetable patch. While I understand that not made have their own allotment. It is definitely possible to make this recipe from shop-bought dried or canned beans. The rest of the ingredients from this recipe is definitely available from supermarkets.

This recipe makes a great winter warmer recipe that is either can be a slow cook or fast cook on a hob. When using dried beans it is much better to slow cook even it has been soak for overnight that’s what I find. If using fresh beans this soup can be a fast cook and achieve a lovely thick soup texture. I have used red split lentils in this recipe as it is a fast to cook lentil.

I have use runner beans in this recipe which is a very easy to grow bean here is some tips on growing and harvesting runner bean.

bean and lentil soup

Bean and lentil soup recipe


300 grams of fresh or dried beans (borlotti or runner)

100 grams red split lentils

1 vegetable stock cube or homemade vegetable stock

500 mls of water

2-3 stalks of celery

2 medium-size carrots

1 medium-sized brown onion

1 tablespoon cooking oil


If using dried beans soak them overnight. If using canned beans there is no need to soak.

First all soften the onions by frying it with a bit of oil til soften in a pot then add the rest of the ingredients and add water. Let is simmer on medium to low for at least an hour till the mixture becomes nice and soft.

Once it’s nice and soft take it off the heat. For a nice creamy soup, texture use a stick soup blender. Otherwise, for chunky texture soup omit this step.

Serve it with some nice warm bread. Enjoy. Thank you very much for dropping do let me know how you get on.

Bean and lentil soup

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