lining jacket

Lining jacket using bagging method

Here is a blog post on lining jacket using the bagging method. Recently I have made myself a jacket from Burda giovane (young) and easy pattern. I have coats and jackets in the past but I do find it a struggle and still have yet to perfect it very well. After some google search, I found and learn some great tips on how to line a jacket or coat well.

lining jacket
Jacket outside view

Most jackets need some lining. This to give it a nice finish as it is a garment that is going to be taken on and off a lot in a one day period of wear. Here is a blog post that goes in greater detail on why line a garment.

Lining jacket using bagging method

lining jacket without sleeves
lining jacket bagging method without sleeves

This method is most sewing can be done using a sewing machine. I also find it a lot less work if don’t line the sleeves in the beginning. It makes life much easier otherwise it will be more work and time involved. The armholes are used to pull thru the lining to turn it inside out easily. So the wider the hole the more room there is to manipulate.

This blog post will just concentrate on lining without sleeves it is much easier for beginners. In a separate post I will post on how to line sleeves. This method can also be use to line coat. One caution is to mindful that the longer the garment especially in long coat the more give the lining needs on the coat otherwise it can affect the structure of the coat. Meaning the lining is pulling the main fabric. More detail on lining is also explain here on this blog post.

lining jacket
pinning lining to jacket

The bagging method is exactly like how to make a bag. Here is a link on my blog post on how to make and line a bag.

Sew the out body of jacket like the pattern like a blouse. Then join all the interfacing and lining together.

lining a jacket

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