putu piring

Putu piring snack homemade recipe

This is a blog post on making putu piring snack homemade recipes. Putu piring means snack (not sure if it is the right translation) plate. also known as a steamed rice cake. It is a sweet steamed rice coconut-base snack found in Singapore and Malaysia. There is commonly sold by street vendors. Here in the UK to be honest I have never seen it sold before. Probably it needs to be eaten fresh and piping hot. This snack is very much of Southeast Asian flavors due to its coconut base content. It is vegan and gluten-free as well. However, it is not easy to make as the success of the dish depends on many factors. Even if it repeated again with the same technique it is hard to achieve the same result. However, the taste is there even it doesn’t look great. The upside is that the ingredients are easy to find at home store cupboard.

The trick on making it a success boils down to many factors. Many youtube videos do claim certain methods make a better success to be honest I am not too sure about it. It is also one of the recipes which I have tried many it over and over many times. Lots of times, I tend to post recipes on first succession but not this one.

Putu piring

Few tips on making a success

Tips on making it a success. Don’t burn the rice flour as it will taste burn to keep a close eye on it while cooking on the hob. I tend to add the water into the dry-fried flour immediately after frying while it is still hot. Not many recipes will tell that. some say just sieve it and slowly add the water. I find by doing it the putu piring is nearly done it is on the road to success rather than pressing it and steaming it. In doing like this all it needs is to put the filling ingredients together and it is nearly finish.

I am sure that is not the greatest method in making it but hey at least it tastes yummy and edible. Initially, I use silicone cupcake molds in which I found too thick and big. Then I got some egg tart mold which made it looks and tastes better.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Do have a look at my other Southeast asian recipes like baked cassava cake (ubi bingka) and kuih ketayap.

putu piring
Putu piring palm sugar

Putu piring homemade recipe

Ingredients to make putu piring.

1 cup rice flour

100 mls water (average)

One hundred grams Palm sugar/ Gula melaka

100 grams dessicated coconut or grated fresh coconut

putu piring
Putu piring cooking in steamer

Method of making

To make putu piring is to dry fry the rice flour on a low heat. Dry fry till it start to become beige in colour or starts to fry. Then quickly add cold water till it starts to bind and becomes starchy. Like in the picture below

Rice flour texture after frying and adding cold water

Mix the palm sugar and desiccated coconut or freshly grated coconut together. Sandwich them in the egg tart molds steam them till it cooks. If the bottom is not well cook when it is turned inside out then put it on a silicon paper or muslin cloth and steam it till it is cook. My first few attempts I end up mixture the palm sugar together that is why it turns out brown instead of white in colour.

palm sugar and dessicated coconut mixture

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