How to make mugwort dumplings for Qing Ming festival

This is a blog post on how to make traditional Qing Ming mugwort dumplings. These dumplings are also known as Qingtuan (青团). These dumplings are cook during the Qing Ming festival. It is normal to happen around Easter time. The festival is celebrated and pays respects to the dead family ancestors. Families get together and … Read more

Achar (Nyonya spicy pickle) Malaysian style

This is a blog post on making achar at home. it is a Malaysian Nyonya spicy pickle not the ones from India. Although it has origins of coming from India. The spices that were used in this achar recipe are more southeast Asian ingredients like lemongrass, dried prawns. It is made quite specifically to regions … Read more

Pumpkin basque cheesecake homemade

pumpkin basque

This is a blog post on making pumpkin basque cheesecake. It is not exactly a cake or a pie that is why is called basque. It is normally eaten during the autumn/ fall season during pumpkin harvest time. Although one can still buy pumpkin till February. Many recipes use plenty unbelievable amounts of cream cheese … Read more