Tomato harvest today (growing tomato)

Tomato harvest today

Just been to the garden for a tomato harvest today. They are slowly beginning to ripen after being sown from seed from April. I have been given them broken horse manure and a weekly tomato feed. They have been grown in the sunniest spot in the garden. A south east facing spot. The yellow sungold variety cherry tomatoes ripen much early the the other ones (San Manzano and Artisan Bumblebee) as they are much smaller in size. They are much smaller than shop bought ones but much more flavor and tastier in them.

Growing and variety of tomato

I have got supports for them as they were grown in raised beds. They have outgrew the support as when the tomato plants manure they are huge!! The Sungold yellow tomato are great in salads and bruschetta. Whereas San Manzano are best for making sauces. The Artisan bumble bee variety taste good roasted, grilled or fried. I bought most of these seeds online from ebay. Some don’t come cheap as the Sungold variety cost as much as £2 for 6 seeds. Seed saving is the way to go. Plant dividing when they are growing is another to way to increase more crops. Seed saving is another good idea.

tomato harvest
Tomatoes are a great ingredient to have in the kitchen fresh, tinned, sundried there is so much that one can cook with tomatoes. Roast, raw in salads, juiced, a pasta sauce, pizza sauce base. The list goes on…

It’s now end of September I found that if you harvest the tomatoes that is just about to start to ripen. Leave them somewhere indoors in the kitchen. They will turn to a nice juicy ripen tomato colour in a few days. By doing this it just helps other green tomatoes on the plant to ripen.

As the weather is turning colder (average daytime temperatures is hovering around 16 deg cel) nowadays it is harder now for tomatoes to ripen.

harvesting tomato

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