Sewing silk chiffon blouse

sewing silk chiffon blouse

Here is my experience of sewing a silk chiffon blouse in comparison to sewing with ordinary thickness fabrics like cotton, linen and even heavy silks like crepe silk. I have sewn a blouse using an old Burda edition ‘world of sewing’ magazine. I have collected loads of burda magazine patterns over the years. I just … Read more

Onion skin – natural dyeing

Today I had a great day dyeing with onion skins. I have collected brown onion skins over time. Brown onions are very common available here in the supermarkets. I haven’t had much room or success from growing brown onions in the garden. However, they cheap to buy. I use them in stir frys and everyday … Read more

Photography the advantages of using DSLR vs. smartphone

nikon d5600

After much debating and justifying to myself I bought a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera recently. With new technologies available on DSLR camera it just makes life so much easier for me. Compared to the old days where I am mostly depending on my smartphone (it’s an iphone SE). Comparing with an old digital … Read more

Harvesting oca tubers

harvest picture

It’s December which means it’s harvesting time for oca tubers. Oca tubers are also known as New Zealand yam and oca tuberosa. At the moment it is still not available to buy in supermarkets in the UK. However, the tubers are sold on eBay for planting between September and December. It is priced according to … Read more