Raspberry yoghurt ice how to make it

It’s raspberry harvest season at the moment. This recipe raspberry yoghurt ice is a great recipe to use up those fresh raspberries harvested from the garden. It’s a great summer dessert or as a sweet snack for those hot summer days or hot climate/ weather. This recipe only uses 3 ingredients to make a simple … Read more

Strawberries how to grow and harvest them


I love eating strawberries and homegrown ones taste far superior and much fresher than supermarket bought ones. This post is about strawberries how to grow and harvest. Strawberries are a great summer fruit. All the children love them. They great to eat on its own, use in desserts, jams and preserves. They are used in … Read more

Globe artichoke growing and harvesting

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting globe artichoke. Globe artichokes are very easy to grow. They are a perennial vegetable that is hardy to frost. They grow like weeds in the warm, sunny Mediterranean climate. Therefore, you see a lot of artichokes on the restaurant’s menu. While they may not be everyone’s … Read more