How to grow edibles indoors

Here is a blog on how to grow edibles indoors. I love growing my own food. I am no fancu horticulturalist or a botanist. However, I just love growing my own food not decorating my garden. they taste so much better compare to supermarket bought ones.  This post does contain some affiliate banners which means … Read more

Embroidery design on a cape coat

Here is a blog post on the recent make from your truly on an embroidery machine. I have got myself a new embroidery machine by Janome which is also a sewing machine. I have been inspired to do more embroidery after previously experience seeing my mum and cousin making table mats and doilies, garments from … Read more

How to cut bias strip and using it

Here is a blog post on how to cut bias strip and using it. Bias binding strips are commonly seen in dressmaking or sewing patterns. It simply means that it’s a thin strip of cloth cut in bias. The reason behind is that it allows a good comfortable stretch when it comes to using it. … Read more